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Illustrator CS6 and CC   MacOK
For Previous Version Plug-ins:
View the CS345 Bundle
CS6, CC and Pricing
• These Plug-ins are NOT cross compatible between CS6 and CC.
      Please choose the version you need when purchasing.
• The same low prices apply to current users and new purchases.
• Discounts are available for 10 or more licenses.
      Site licenses are available for 20 or more users.
      → Contact info@worker72a.com ←

FontSafe Point Control
Point Control provides many useful path and point editing functions in one easy to use floating palette.
Adjust stroke weights on multiple paths by percentage or by adding or subtracting a specified point amount.
Make paths closed, align points, lengthen or retract curve handles and more.
FontSafe FontSafe
FontSafe will create and update an internal Zip archive of all the fonts used in a document, and store them in the document file. No Illustrator document need ever be without the fonts used, no matter where you send it, automatically.

Just turn it on and forget it. The fonts you need will always be there.

Dimension_72a Dimension_72a
Dimension_72a will calculate the overall dimensions of all selected art and create dimension lines and text at the desired positions.
Dimensions can be set in inches, millimeters, centimeters or pixels and will display up to the maximum number of decimal places entered.
The displayed dimension will be multiplied by the scale factor entered, if desired.
TAG Tag72a
Update, as text in your document, file name, print date & time, save date & time, spot color list and font list -- Every Time the Document is Saved or Printed.
Scoop Scoop (CS6 only)
Collect Copies of Font and Placed Image Files

FYI - If you are part of the "Adobe Creative Cloud" you don't need this anymore.
Please Note: OSX 10.8+ users may encounter problems with Scoop. No update is planned at this time.

wopd White Overprint Detector
Automatic notification of whites set to overprint in your document.
Scoop White Overprint To Knockout
Set All White (0% CMYK & 0% Tint Spots) Text and Path Objects to Knockout.
zoom Zoom to Selection
Zoom view to, from and fit based on selected artwork.
tofa Text Overflow Alert
Automatically scans for text frames with text overflow when a document is opened and displays alert if overflow is found.
SepVP Separations View & Print (AppleScript for CS1-6 & CC)
W72a_Sep_ViewPrint will allow you to view color separations and...
     → Print them in Color! ←
• Check color separations in most versions of Illustrator (CS1-6 & CC).
• Create fast, inexpensive Color Keys by printing separations in color on clear film.
Illustrator Version CS3, 4 and 5
These Plug-ins are Functional with Version CS3, 4 and 5.x in Mac OSX up to 10.7 and are all bundled for one price - $30.00
Tag72a_CS345 Automatically tag and update documents with User Name, Document Name, File Path, Print Time/Date and Save Time/Date.
Scoop_CS345 Collect Font and Linked Files
SepPreview_CS345 Preview Color Separations and Print them in Color
QuickCarton_CS345 Create Corrugated Carton Dies
Point Control_CS345 Helpful Path and Point Control Functions
Zoom_to_Selection_CS345 Zoom view based on selected art
Select Effects CS345 Select art with Transparency, Effects and Blend modes.
WhiteOP2KO_CS345 Set All White (0% CMYK) Text and Path Objects to Knockout
White Overprint Detector_CS345 Automatically scan documents for white overprints.
Illustrator Version 8, 9, 10 and CS
If you are still running any of these versions, I have most of the stuff above for 8-CS (somewhere). If you want a copy of something, let me know and I'll see if I can dig it up.