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Point Control for Adobe Illustrator - Macintosh
Point Control provides many useful path and point editing functions in one easy to use floating palette.

Adjust stroke weights of any number of selected paths by a percentage of their current stroke weight. (e.g. 1pt and 2pt adjusted by -10% gives 0.9pt and 1.8pt)
Adjust stroke weights of any number of selected paths by adding or subtracting stoke point width. (e.g. 1pt and 2pt adjusted by +0.25 gives 1.25pt and 2.25pt)
Align individual points on any number of paths horizontally or vertically.
Delete individual points on any number of paths without breaking the path.
• Convert any number of points to curves or corners.
Set any number of selected paths to closed.
Lengthen or retract curve handles on any number of selected points.

Click on the Point Control page icon above to download the PDF.

Purchase Information - $20 One User - $35 Two User - $45 Three User - $60 Unlimited User
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• Enter only the number 1 in the quantity field
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• Your software will be sent as a download link in an email to the address used when purchasing
• UnZip the download and copy the file named "PCon.aip" into your Illustrator Plug-ins folder
• (Re)launch Illustrator
• PointControl will appear under the Object menu (down near the bottom)

Demo Versions
• There is no Demo version
• There is a 30 day money back guarantee
• Please purchase only one license to try out. Refunds are limited to a single license per title.
• If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, send a note to info@worker72a.com requesting a refund. Your purchase will be refunded within 24 hours, no questions asked. (Please send the refund request from the same email account used when ordering)

Licensing & Copy Protection
• You will receive a single licensed plug-in that allows the purchased number of users on your network.
Point Control will only allow the number of users licensed to run on your network at one time. So, if you want to install it at work and on your home Mac, Point Control will run on both. If you bring your laptop to work, Point Control will not run if the number of licensed users is exceeded.

Please click appropriate icon below to purchase a license for 1, 2, 3 or unlimited users.

CC 2020/21 (v24/25)

One User
$20 USD
Two User
$35 USD
Three User
$45 USD
Unlimited User
$60 USD


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